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ZO Nails it, good video

I have been watching ZO here for a while and would love to meet this guy sometime, he always has a damn good prospective on things and calls it like it is IMHO. Lots going on in the political arena here as of late but only if you have your head out of the sand and far too many people don't. Whats it going to take ??

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CNN "Right Wing Blame Game"

Here we go people, the blame game has started, really. Pardon my french and my apologies ahead of time but PETER BERGEN OF CNN you are a piece of shit, asshole and the most insensitive piece of garbage on the planet right now. The blood is not even dried on the streets and you come up with the blame game of who it could be??? You don't know shit and will not know shit for days to come but all you can do is make a sound bite to enhance your own agenda, Piss on  YOU, no wait, having been a firefighter I would not even do that for you if you were on fire, get some facts first and may I remind you asshole that most of the shootings and or bombings have been committed by Liberal Democrats, Report that asshole.

Rant complete and sorry if I offended anyone, actually strike that, anyone that would be offended by that is part of the problem and in that case piss off as well!!

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Fiscal Cliff

     I have seen lesson #1 floating around the internet for a while but someone has added a part or Lesson #2 that I have not seen before and I like it.

     What part I really hate is in that it will for the most part fall on deaf ears  because far too many just don't care anymore. The team feels broken, the I's have it.....

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       (derived from the latin term secessio) is the act of withdrawing from an organization, union, or especially a political entity. Threats of secession also can be a strategy for achieving more limited goals. (Stolen from Wiki)
     As I know many of you out there are well informed and quasi news junkies I am sure that it has not passed your attention as of late the 20 or so petitions that have been filed with the White House web site seeking to secede from the union. I find it not surprising at all especially after this years election, had it gone the other way I am sure we would still be in the midst of a national riots over "voter fraud and racism" all said and done the election is over and now the consequences will come into play and reality is going hit us in the wallet worse than it already has been. I see the divide here in the country between makers and takers and the takers just won hence the secession talk. The theoretical ball is now rolling and In my humble opinion think it deserves an honest debate and looked at on the merits.

     This country was built on a diversity between states, yes we held some things as a basic common but you knew that if one state didn't suit you specific taste you were free to move to another.  We still have that to a certain extent but to a far lesser degree.  We now have a federal government and partial populace that wants to dictate to you what your life will be or what you can and can't do, what you have to buy as a result of being a citizen of this country or pay fines and go to jail ( Think healthcare ) or how about this, a law on what size of a soda pop you can buy ( Think New York ) Small things add up, and more laws come down the pike every day.

     Parallels can be drawn here from when we wanted our independence from an English King, that King is now Washington DC and the central government, I cant say if secession is the answer but I do know that the federal government holds too big of a stick and they are not afraid to use it against any one or many states as they have already shown. I would like to see us get back to a more  local state government as it was in the past, elected local officials tend to be somewhat more grounded in you issues and problems when they are in the same stew pot with you in the same city or state verses someone who is elected and sent to the closed off city of a Washington DC where they loose touch the instant they get there but as I have said maybe the idea of secession will spur some attention, maybe, maybe not. For myself I do believe it will end up being fought tooth and nail by the federal government and they will do everything in their power to squash it because they know if even one state leaves more will follow and the loss of revenue and control from a producing state such at Texas for instance would have far reaching consequences, I for one wouldn't be able to pack my bags fast enough to get there if they decided to pull out.

In closing I would love to hear you opinions, thoughts, concerns or any other tidbit you may have.   

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